On any given day, whether work is fun or boring, flexible or hectic, there is one moment of spark we look forward to during the day- Lunch breaks. Aside from the extended amount of time to stretch
one’s legs, have that chatty moment, or jump on the phone to see
what is going on on social media, the highlight of the moment is
food. Below are 3 absolute treats we can provide to keep you
refreshed during lunch breaks.

1. Assorted Meat Fried Rice:
This delicious meal is so easy on the eye. When served, you find a
fine harmony between fried rice, nicely cut vegetables, and finely
chopped beef, chicken, shrimp, and eggs before you. This is great
nourishment as it is a balanced diet that provides you with the
necessary carbs, vitamins, and proteins to keep you full and

2. Boiled Yam with Kontomire Stew:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       This is a classic Ghanaian meal that has been enjoyed for
generations. Boiled yams are served with the green-leafy
kontomire stew (cocoyam leaves) and are well complemented
with boiled eggs, salmon, or salted tilapia. This is a highly
nutritious and tasty meal.

3. Waakye:
This is another classic Ghanaian meal enjoyed by a lot of people. This is a fine assembly of rice and cowpea beans boiled together
and served with either fish, meat, ‘wele’ or eggs, with a salad, gari, or spaghetti as accompaniments. This royal combination is
crowned with ‘shito’ and tomato sauce for an unforgettable
experience. Atlantic Catering and Logistics is ever ready to fulfill these needs
during your lunch breaks. Let us bring quality nourishment to your

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