About the Training Program

Nutrition is a very important subject in everybody’s life. Especially if the doctor’s services are to be avoided as much as possible. What we eat directly affects our life span and health status on earth. Usually the quality and safety of the food we prepare and eat go bad before they are even prepared eventually. Again, the hygienic conditions of the environment in which the dishes are prepared are unfortunately very poor in most cases. When the safety of food is compromised, a lot of people suffer. In that case, people technically spend money to buy avoidable diseases and sicknesses. These and more are the reasons why www.atlanticcatering-gh.com a certified world acclaimed ISO standard catering facility;

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has put together a comprehensive professional short program to transform caterers, cooks, mothers, wives, students etc. into Professionals with distinction in food safety and everything about food preparation. The program goes further to include home management techniques and entrepreneurship, so that, mothers, house wives, cooks, house helps and their agencies, students, armature caterers etc. would be able to benefit from it and even earn a living through that, by starting their own business. Atlantic catering shall award participants with certificates which proofs that, holders have gone through this course under their supervision, and that the holders can easily fit into any catering related opportunity globally.

Course Scope

Course 1

  • Menu Design
  • Recipe

Course 2

  • Raw Material Selection
    and Preparation
  • Food Presentation
  • Table Setting and Etiquette

Course 3

  • How to start a business
  • How to raise a start-up capital
  • How to successfully run a business
  • Home Management
  • how to effectively manage your home
  • how to balance work pressures and family life