A few words about Atlantic Catering

Atlantic Catering and Logistics Limited

Bespoke catering services & food service solutions.

Atlantic Catering and Logistics Limited is a wholly owned Ghanaian company established in the year 2014 with the sole mission to provide quality, healthy, nutritious and hygienically prepared meals and excellent services for our partners.

Our Goal

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction by focusing on treating every bit of our process to the highest standard in the industry in line with ACLL’s Integrated Management Systems Program

We have a vision to be the leading brand in the catering and hospitality industry in Africa and beyond; known for quality, reliability, uniqueness and creativity in product and service excellence..

As part of our mandate, we maintain a beneficial community relationship and formidable partnership with our clients in carrying out capacity building interventions, particularly relevant to empowering people, promoting wealth, improving the local economy, and the quality of life within the communities we operate.

About our CEO

Maud Lindsay-Gamrat

Maud Lindsay-Gamrat is an accomplished business executive, award-winning globally minded entrepreneur, a loving wife, an outstanding mother of 3 and a devoted Christian with high moral standards and a knack for excellence.

Maud ardently supports many charities devoted to the aged and orphaned children, and has made corporate social responsibility a core value of Atlantic.